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A Reliable Choice for Non-Emergency Non-Medical, Personal, and Recreational Transportation


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Ambulatory & Wheelchair Non-Medical Transportation Services

At JL Transit LLC, we are dedicated to providing reliable and convenient non-emergency non-medical transportation (NEMT) services in Indianapolis. Our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring your journey is safe and remarkably comfortable, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Ambulatory Transportation

Our ambulatory transportation service caters to individuals who are capable of walking or require minimal assistance. This service is ideal for patients without wheelchair requirements.

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Wheelchair Transportation

We are equipped with wheelchair-accessible vehicles, complete with ramps for safe, comfortable, and secure transportation.

Serving non-Medical, Personal, and Recreational Needs

Our services extend to various categories.


non-Medical Providers

Whether you need transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, or dialysis centers, our professional and well-trained drivers are at your service.


Personal Errands

We are here to assist with various personal tasks, including airport trips, pharmacy pickups, and family events.


Recreational Activities

Our services also extend to recreational activities, such as gym sessions and concerts.

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Confirmation Calls

To ensure a smooth service, we provide friendly reminder calls or texts to confirm your pickup time and address for the next day.

Passenger Assistance and Trained Drivers

What sets us apart is our unique passenger assistance service. We offer door-to-door transportation, and our drivers are trained in first aid, CPR, customer service, stress management, and emergency handling procedures. Choose JL Transit LLC for your NEMT needs in Indianapolis and enjoy a professional and positive transportation experience.

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